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Sleep Medicine

Dr Andrew Gillman is a specialist Sleep Physician.  He is committed to the thorough assessment and diagnosis of sleep problems.

The diagnosis and patient focussed management of snoring and obstructive sleep is a major focus of his practice.  Patients with otherwise unexplained daytime sleepiness/fatigue are also commonly seen. In the appropriate setting undergo further sleep testing (Mean Sleep Latency Testing) can be performed at Mitcham Private.

Andrew is also enthusiastic to manage obstructive sleep apnoea patients that may have had difficulty with treatments and may have even stopped their treatment.

All treatment options for obstructive sleep apnoea are considered and discussed carefully. A patient focused approach usually leads to the best short and long term treatment outcomes.

Those patients with a CPAP machine are encouraged to bring it along to their sleep appointment.

Andrew refers to the Mitcham Private Sleep Laboratory which is a high quality NATA accredited sleep facility. In the appropriate clinical situations some sleep studies can also be arranged and are reported by Dr Gillman.

Andrew Gillman also practices as a Sleep Physician at The Alfred Hospital and Eastern Health.

Common referrals include:

  1. Loud and disruptive snoring
  2. Obstructive sleep apnoea
  3. Unexplained daytime sleepiness and fatigue
  4. Restless sleep
  5. Narcolepsy
  6. Difficult to treat restless legs / periodic limb movement disorder
  7. Parasomnias including sleep talking and walking